MayDay Rooms is principally a site of production and exchange. ‘Collections’ of historical material play a significant role – and are held, stored and in some cases conserved – but this is always with a view to how they might be processed, socialised and redistributed in the present. All collections, then, are regarded as ‘in formation’ and as such, MayDay Rooms will continue to encourage donations, loans and contributions in any form as well as support those under direct and immediate threat of disposal or destruction.

The Locked Room. St. Martins School of Art, London 1970. Student Instructions. Day One. ‘Materials Project’. Gareth Jones attaching instructions to the wall of studio A2 the ‘Locked Room’. Photo courtesy of the John Burke Collection.

Historical material currently passing through MayDay Rooms:

‘A’ Course/Locked Room Course 
Antiuniversity of London

King Mob
Manydeed Group 
Poster Film Collective

Midnight Notes 
Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa
Wages for Housework

East London Big Flame