‘A’ Course Projects

with MayDay Rooms, London. March 2010-

Locked Room film set with  ’A’ Course student Richard Deacon (standing backround) recorded during a break in filming the reconstruction of The Locked Room, Materials Project for Omnibus: A Question of Feeling, Christopher Burstall, 1973. St. Martins School of Art, Studio A2. John Burke Collection deposited with 10th Floor March 2010


St. Martins School of Art, Sculpture Department. The “A” Course. 1969-1973. ’A’ Course tutor/staff Garth Evans text December 1974. From Garth Evans Collection of ‘A’ Course documents deposited at MayDay Rooms in December 2010. A comprehensive account of the planning, structure and implementation of the projects associated with the ‘A’ Course, put together in the period immediately following the departure of Peter Kardia (né Atkins). 



‘A’ Course Projects 1969-1973

Many thanks are due to Garth Evans and Andrew Darley for helping to kick-start the process of compiling a full list of ‘A’ Course projects. See below and please feel free to submit any additional information, including corrections, specific dates, documents, photographs to: in-formation@maydayrooms.org

Samples project 1972? ‘A’ Course student Carolyn Fitzgibbon. ADC March 2013

Materials Project
 September 1969 & September 1970 JBC/ADC/PVC
-Individual Specifications Project
-Combinations of Materials Project. Phase I. November 16, 1970 (intake 2) ADC
-Combinations of Materials Project. Phase II. January 4-13, 1971 (intake 2) ADC
-Sitting Periods Project. Phase I. January 17 – February 22, 1971. (intake 2) ADC
-Sitting Periods Project. Phase II. February 25 – March 18, 1971. (intake 2) ADC
-Notice Board Project
-Glove Project
-Bus Journey – 1 Day Project
-Employment Project September 26 – October 20?, 1971 (intake 1) DMC
-Work by Staff Project. September 28, 1971. ADC
-Instructions by Post Project December 21st 1971 – February 24th 1972. ADC
-Samples Project. May 8 – 26, 1972 (intake 2) ADC
-Area Designated A Project September 27 – October 13, 1972 (intake 2) ADC
-Student/Agent Project. October 30 – November 9, 1972 (intake 2). ADC
-Essential Equipment Project. November 21 – 27, 1972. (intake 2). ADC
-Report Project January 23 – April 1973 (intake 2) ADC.
-Transformation Project
-Recollection Project
-Mask Project June 1972


The Locked Room  ’Welcome’ letter to 1st Year students on the first day of term. September 28th, 1970. John Burke Collection deposited with 10th Floor March 2010 – September 2011.