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MayDay Rooms up and running…

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MayDay Rooms open to visitors from Thursday October 3rd, 2013 MayDay Rooms would like to announce that 88 Fleet Street, a building which has been in development for the last 18 months, will from October 3, … Read More

King Mob: underway

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A few highlights from an initial batch of historical material donated by Donald Nicholson-Smith…..including pre and post King Mob…..audio file ‘in conversation’ with MayDay Rooms and friends…..more soon… TUBE-ARMCHAIR-TALK-DINNER Meeting with Donald Nicholson-Smith at Studio 13, Soho, … Read More

Wages for Housework N.Y.

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ON THE MOVE…. with Silvia Federici in conversation with Mute and Mayday Rooms at Studio 13, Soho, London, November 2012….Posters and Flyers. 1973-1979…Women’s Time. February 1976……Opening of N.Y. Wages for Housework Office. 1975.  Wages for … Read More

'A' Course Uploaded

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st m hampstead heath 5

“A” Course Collection UP AND RUNNING…… with Film excerpts: The Locked Room 1974 & Scanned photographs and documents from former staff and student collections including Materials Project, Employment Project, Mask Project……. NEXT MEETING: MayDay Rooms, … Read More

Zerowork: Up and Running

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Zerowork Collection NOW UP AND RUNNING….. with Film excerpts covering Zerowork and NEPA NEWS from the recent Marx Memorial Library meeting & First publication of Linebaugh’s ‘Sketching a Genesis for Zerowork’ & Scanned pamphlets and flyers: … Read More