The Antihistory Tabloid Launch

MayDay Rooms. St. Bride’s Yard, June 2nd, 2012

MDR Bulletin 006

The Antiuniversity Research Project and launch of The Antihistory Tabloid at St Bride’s Yard, just off Fleet Street near Ludgate Circus behind the Old Bell Tavern on June 2nd, 2012, from 5.00 pm onwards.

Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce to you the launch of The Antihistory Tabloid and Antihistory Research Blog which have been developed by Jakob Jakobsen as part of his ongoing research into the London Antiuniversity.

This shortlived initiative, a direct outcome of the 1967 ‘Dialectics of Liberation’ conference at the Roundhouse in London, was a heady mixture of radical politics, revolutionary art, institutional critique and emancipatory education. Loosely speaking, it marked the closer collaboration of counter-culture activists with members of the New Left Review and those affiliated to the Philadelphia Association. Courses or teach-ins on offer ranged from ‘Black Power’ to the ‘Politics of Small Groups’.

The Antihistory Tabloid not only presents documents related to the radical educational aims and practical workings of the Antiuniversity, but sets these amidst essays, interviews and a debate on current struggles in education. In this way it is hoped that the London Antiuniversity can find a place in the wider and still ongoing counter-cultural movement; a movement at whose core, it could be said, lies a generative mutuality, an appropriation of the means of expression and an experimental desire to ‘live, differently’.

The Antihistory Research Blog sets these documents alongside others that relate to free university precursors (particularly the Free University of New York) and to other ‘signal’ events and non-events of the mid-to-late 60’s – from Project Sigma through the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream. The blog is intended to be a collective research forum through which comments can be gathered and contact with participants made.

Some of the founders of the Antiuniversity, in particular Joseph Berke (whose archive is at PETT The Planned Environment Therapy Trust, near Cheltenham), have already been contacted and are the main source for the free tabloid, which has been printed in the manner of International Times. It is to be hoped that another founder member of the AU, Leon Redler, will be realising the ‘small groups’ course he intended to deliver in 1967 (t.b.c.). This will form part of the first Antiuniversity teach-in, to be hosted by the And And And network’s contribution to Documenta 13, at the Turnhalle in June.

As part of MayDay Rooms’ commitment to investigating radical and experimental education, a series of associated informal social gatherings, ‘teach-ins’, displays, screenings and ‘siftings’ will take place at 88 Fleet Street and other linked spaces. The first of the Antiuniversity gatherings will take place on Saturday 2nd June when copies of the Tabloid will be available. The venue will be St Bride’s Yard, just off Fleet Street near Ludgate Circus behind the Old Bell Tavern, from 5.00 pm onwards.

MDR is pleased to be a participant-host and advisory-companion to this project as it connects with a number of ongoing enquiries into education, bringing back into view and activating lesser known projects through public events and hands-on access to materials; the safeguarding, reproduction and dispersion of ‘ring fenced’ material in various forms; and continuing research into radical educational initiatives as a move towards developing an ‘anti-pedagogical’ practice.

We would like to extend our thanks here to Joseph Berke and the PETT Archive, Leon Redler, Martin Levy, Peter Davis and Flat Time House for their generosity in helping this project bear early fruit.

With thanks,

MayDay Rooms

Mobile: 07988 521 511


A tabloid collecting material about and producing a distributed archive of the Antiuniversity was launched in June 2012 as a first step in the process of actualization of this educational experiment. The Antiuniversity Tabloid was printed in 5000 copies and circulated for free.

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Antihistory Tabloid Launch. St Bride’s Yard outside 88 Fleet Street. June 2nd, 2012

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Antihistory Tabloid Launch. St Bride’s Yard outside 88 Fleet Street. June 2nd, 2012