The School of Walls and Space

Royal Academy of the Visual Arts, Denmark

MayDay Rooms has close and mutually-informing relations with the staff and students at the School of Walls & Space in Copenhagen that goes back to before MayDay Rooms was formed. A series of workshops, mini-events and collective investigations have been on-going and have helped to shape modes of (anti) pedagogy and social relations that move away from staid yet expensive curriculums.


Going Fragile:

Download: Going Fragile Reader 1

Download: Going Fragile Reader 2


As a response to the implementation of the Bologna-process at the Royal Danish Art Academy, The Movement of the 26th November roamed through the rooms and hallways of the art academy, using the old castle as material for collective improvisation and protest.

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Suspended Vocation

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Download Suspended Vocation by the Movement of the 20th October here

Download Suspended Vocation Note 2 by MDR (h) here