Autonomy in Crisis – 23-25 Jan

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School of Walls and Space:

Fifth session. January 23th to 25th 2013. 10am to 4pm

The next session will offer course participants an opportunity to explore in more depth the ideas and general themes touched on during the Autonomy in Crisis course. Together we will pick the debate up where it was left after Openhagen’s preparatory sessions and Bifo’s recent visit to Copenhagen in December 2012.

In order to complement and extend this debate we would like to now welcome our guests from the US, Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis and Peter Linebaugh. Over the next days we hope to continue the search for tools to navigate and reflect upon capitalist crisis at home and abroad, noting current modes of resistance and lines of flight. As such, our organisational framework covers three broad themes – Commons, Enclosures and Resistance – which the schedule hopes to expand upon and transgress as the discussion develops.

The schedule below offers time for our guests to present and elaborate on their work over the last four decades with space for discussion and a collective sharing of thoughts. At the end of the three days, all will come together to initiate a concluding summary and evaluation before the discussion moves on to London the following week. In London, Silvia, George and Peter will, along with others, continue the process by opening up the various histories which feed into and out of The Midnight Notes Collective. See