• S&C_activation_space1-3 Schooling and Culture set-up in the MDR Reading Room on the final day. July 9, 2015
  • S&C_poster_1. The State We’re In 1982-84 (front) Poster/prop used as part of a display during the Schooling and Culture gathering at MDR. July 2-9, 2015
  • Inventory. Vol.4.No.1. 2000. Deposited by Adam Scrivener and Paul Claydon with MayDay Rooms, 3 March 2014

Friends of MayDay Rooms

Friends of MayDay Rooms is a group of comrades and supporters who, through monthly or annual donations, sustain the continuing work of MayDay Rooms. Join us.

MayDay Rooms is an educational charity run by a small collective of part-time workers. Since 2013, we have been funded solely by the GlassHouse Trust. As we move into a new, more self-sufficient phase, we have set up Friends of MayDay Rooms to enable our work to continue. Your donation, whatever its size, will mean that our staff can continue to organise and help activate our historical material, maintain our building, keep our events free, and facilitate a meeting place in central London in the spirit of solidarity.

Over four floors and a roof garden we provide a home for a wide range of open-access resources, including risograph printing facilities, a book scanner, a video editing suite, a radio station and a weekly language exchange. We also host and programme a range of talks, events, screenings, workshops and skill-shares, all of which are free. You can find out more about our historical materials here and about our organisational structure and the groups using the building here.

In return for your contribution, you will receive a twice yearly newsletter with updates on new materials deposited in the archive, reports on activations, events and much more. The inaugural newsletter will contain a description of all the collections in our care. In addition, 88 Fleet Street will play host to dedicated Friends of MayDay Rooms events over the coming year.

Become a Friend of MayDay Rooms by registering your details below and choosing the level of monthly donation that suits you, paid through our secure platform. This can also be amended at any time. Friends’ details are anonymous, held for our records and not shared or published anywhere:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Friends of MayDay Rooms, please email friends@maydayrooms.org