Antiuniversity of London

The Antiuniversity of London was a shortlived and intense experiment into self organised education and communal living that took off at 49 Rivington Street in Shoreditch in February 1968. The Antiuniversity was at its core an experimental process that brought together different fields of theory and practice as part of the desire to open up an unstable space between revolutionary politics, experimental art and radical psychiatry.

The London Antiuniversity is of interest today due to its mixture of radical politics, institutional critique, revolutionary art and emancipatory education. In the midst of a situation where politics, art and education are increasingly being isolated in specialized enclaves and undergoing professionalisation and economization, it is of importance to get a closer understanding of the praxis of despecialisation and emancipation that the London Antiuniversity set out to develop. The method of the Antiuniversity Research Project is socialised research based on the creation of events and the ongoing publication of material, catalysing further discussion and reflection.

As a part of the project the Antihistory-blog has been established and it will be ongoingly developed as more material comes to light. As part of this process contact has been made with various people connected to the Antiuniversity. The visitors to the Antihistory-blog are invited to comment upon the documents collected here as well as, if they were participant in any way, share their remininscences, and knowledge of people involved in the Antiuniversity. Interviews, films and more material will be added as the project develops. The antihistory blog has been set up to share these histories and activate them once more.

Date: March 12, 2014