Charitable objectives

MayDay Rooms is a registered charity with the number 1146510. The charitable objectives of MayDay Rooms, as formally submitted to the Charities Commission in our Annual Report 2012/13, are as follows:

  • identifying ‘homeless’ historical material and entering into liaison with their holders and donors with a view to accommodating them within the Project


  • to create the circumstances through which the historical material can be re-presented, made readily accessible and activated by means of a variety of educational means


  • these educational means are to be carried out in a spirit of co-learning and include workshops, forums, presentations, screenings and open debates


  • to encourage, through these educational means, a new and diverse relationship between historical material and the public


  • to furthermore, seek through these methods and an open-access ethos, to raise historical awareness


  • to promote and encourage a spirit of research and self-education not only in relation to the materials held by the Project but in the public at large


  • to enter into co-operative relations with other Bodies


  • in liaison with the holders and donors of the material it will be endeavoured to make the material more widely disseminated by means of digital display, publications and small scale exhibitions


  • at all stage of the process the Project will endeavour to encourage participation at the widest level


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