MayDay Rooms is 10 years old!

This year, we’re celebrating a decade of MayDay Rooms!

Over the last decade, MayDay Rooms has:

  • Provided a safe haven for social movement ephemera, experimental politics and marginal histories, with an archive of 100,000+ items that grows by 5,000+ more each year;
  • Programmed hundreds of free events, film screenings, discussions, book launches & more;
  • Opened our doors to thousands of activists to host their own meetings;
  • Made 18,000 digitisations of left and social movement documents available open access online;
  • Expanded our building to a collective of 12 groups including Statewatch, Cleaners & Allied Independent Union (CAIWU), June Givanni’s Pan African Cinema Archive (JGPACA), MayDay Radio, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) & more;
  • Collaborated on numerous projects to expand our audience & welcome young people & those from marginalised communities to the archive; & much more. 

A large part of what we’ve been able to achieve is thanks to a yearly grant, for which we are hugely thankful for. But it by no means covers all our costs. That’s where you come in. 

To celebrate our birthday, we’d love it if 50 people would sign up to give MayDay Rooms a small monthly donation of £5-10. Recurring donations give us much-needed financial sustainability, and help us to plan the next 10 years (and the 10 after that, and after that, and so on!). 

If you have the means and have benefitted from our archive, our organising space, or any of our free events, please consider signing up.  Of course, we know that not everyone is in a position to give regularly so any one-off donation of any amount is hugely appreciated too.

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