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MayDay Rooms is a collectively-run space and is based on different sources of funding. We offer free meeting space to unfunded groups that are involved in radical political organising and/or promote radical self-education. To be able to support that we ask for a donation from all other groups, based on their status (Politically organising or not, regardless of how difficult to judge this is!) and duration of the meeting.

If you would like to further get involved at Mayday Rooms we welcome collaborations with like-minded projects and encourage critical as well as creative engagement with our archival material in relation to ongoing political and cultural struggles. So if you have an ideas for a project, intervention, publication, interruption, exhibition, event or anything else we might not have thought of, please get in touch please email in-formation [AT] maydayrooms.org.

How To Use the Space

Room bookings are offered on Monday- Friday and Saturday daytime. Please use the booking form or email in-formation@maydayrooms.org  to book a room. We try to accommodate all requests however this is made easier if you make your booking more than a week in advance. Please see rooming booking costs at the bottom of this page

Please remember that room bookings are not the primary activity of MayDay Rooms. We are run by part-time staff, who will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. However, we ask for your patience and request that you do not email us to chase unless a week has passed since your initial enquiry.

Access Information

88 Fleet Street was built in 1902 and, due to the physical constraints of the building, has limited access. The building has many stairs and, unfortunately, is not accessible for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. We are currently undergoing an external audit to address broader access needs.

If you have any specific access requirements, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate them.

Bookable Spaces

Screening Room

  • Accommodates up to 30 people
  • Projector, sound system and screening
  • Running water and coffee/tea facilities

S&C_activation_space1-3 Schooling and Culture set-up in the MDR Reading Room on the final day. July 9, 2015

Reading Rooms

  • Accommodates up to 20 people
  • Chairs and boardroom table
  • Ambulant disabled access


There is a kitchen on the fourth floor for communal use. Please feel free to use it. We would appreciate it if you donated to the kitty in respect of any communal supplies used.

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    Room Use Costs

    We offer free meeting space to unfunded groups that are involved in radical political organising and/or promote radical self-education. We ask funded groups that are involved in these actives to pay a small donation (see below)

    Unfunded Groups

    Free to use. Although we do call on users to help cover our running costs and sustain this free meeting resource. Any donation is therefore highly appreciated.

    Funded Groups

    If you are a group or organisation that has funding sources (core or sustained funding) we will ask for a fixed donation based on the duration of your meeting.

    For meetings that last up to 4 hours, we ask for a contribution of £30. For meetings that run for longer than 4 hours, please donate at the daily rate of £60.

    Non- Political Organisations

    There is a fixed rate for room bookings for groups and organisations that are not involved in radical political organising or self-education. This generally includes third sector organisations, large cultural institutions and universities.

    For meetings that last up to 4 hours, we ask for a contribution of £100. For every additional hour we charge £20 per hour

    Please note we do not generally encourage groups to charge for events, workshops or meetings.

    University Visits

    We charge a flat rate for university visits, tours and workshops of £200.

    Why we implement a sliding scale system for room bookings and what your donation goes towards:

    Alongside our archive, a significant aspect of MayDay Rooms’ core work is to support unfunded grassroots activist and self-education groups. Our priority is to give space to those with no funding and/or marginalised in the mainstream political landscape, however to support this financially we occasionally allow funded and non-political groups to use the space for a fee. This fee helps us subsidise room costs for other unfunded groups that have no profile, negligible or no resources at all. The environment we try to uphold in our building is one of solidarity, meaning that those with financial resources give to support those that do not. In addition, you are supporting the day-to-day running of MayDay Rooms and a building dedicated entirely to radical political activism and history, of which there are very few in London.

    Building Collective

     The building and archive is run by a small, non-hierarchical staff collective in collaboration with a number of resident groups, who make up the building collective. These groups include:

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