MayDay Rooms Building Collective

Join the MayDay Rooms Building Collective

MayDay Rooms are currently looking for groups to become residents in the building on every other Sunday. We are offering office space and use of the communal areas at 88 Fleet St in exchange for certain responsibilities:

  • On those days allocated for office use, residents agree to be available, when needed to open and close the building for events, meetings, and screenings linked to both MDR and other groups using the space.;
  • At least one representative from each resident group will take part in the monthly MDR Building Collective meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month, 6-7pm);
  • Residents are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the 2nd Floor office.

The other current residents in the building are: Anarchist Communist Group, CAIWU, General Equivalent, GLC Oral History Project, IWW, June Givanni’s Pan African Cinema Archive, Land Justice Network, Plan C, Rebel City, Statewatch, and Strike! Magazine.

We particularly welcome groups and projects otherwise without funding or other means to acquire space that are either involved in political struggles to overcome oppression, or that offer places and means of expression to those marginalised by society. Due to the regular commitment of hosting events in the building we are only accepting groups that have 4 or more people, as from experience it puts too much pressure on smaller groups.

Deadline: 7TH DEC

We are looking for groups that can start as soon as possible, so if you are interested fill out this short form and email it to in-formation [AT] maydayrooms.org.


Unfortunately 88 Fleet Street has limited access. Rooms are accessible by stairs and we do not have a lift.