Conditions of Deposit

Letter of agreement with MDR Archive Depositors V5, 27/5/2014
1.   This letter of agreement is between ___________________ and MayDay Rooms, an educational charity (#1146510, registered office at 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH) aiming to act as a safe haven for threatened archives of dissent, and to conserve, animate and disseminate the materials in their care.
2.   ______________________ agrees to deposit at MayDay Rooms archival materials relating to _________________ (further described in the Annex to this agreement) which together with any other materials agreed by the parties to this agreement to be transferred to MayDay Rooms by ___________________ and, from time to time, after the date of this agreement, will be referred to in this agreement as the “deposited materials”.
3. In accordance with its charitable objects MayDay Rooms undertakes to provide access to all deposited materials to members of MayDay Rooms and to other interested parties under the arrangements set out in the ‘MayDay Rooms User’s Form’, unless otherwise specified in a codicil attached to this agreement.
4. ____________________ agrees to provide, where possible, (a) an identifying list of deposited items and (b) a brief written narrative account of the formation of the archive and its history. MayDay Rooms for its part undertakes to initiate collective engagement with the archive by organizing and hosting gatherings and events at 88 Fleet Street and elsewhere as part of the collaborative process of unpacking, situating and animating the material.
5. The materials deposited may be reclaimed by giving 6 months’ prior notice.
6. The copying of materials deposited at MayDay Rooms under this agreement, including materials uploaded to the MDR website, is permitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless otherwise specified in a codicil attached to this agreement. MayDay Rooms strongly supports the dissemination of deposited materials for educational purposes and non-commercial use. Any proposed commercial use of deposited materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and in consultation with the depositor.
7. MayDay Rooms and the depositor are jointly responsible for not breaching the Data Protection Act.
Depositor_____________________________       Date _______­­­­­____________
On behalf of
MayDay Rooms_________________________     Date___________________

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