AngryWorkers are hosting a reading group based on texts about different aspects of class struggle. We hope to have a meeting every two months. There will be a text (maximum 30 pages) to read before the meeting, the first one we’ve chosen is Mike Davis’ essay, ‘Old Gods, New Enigmas’. This is Davis’ first text directly about the question of working class struggle and its revolutionary potential (his previous books were Planet of Slums and City of Quartz).

At second glance the text seems unnecessarily complicated, but we still think that their are important thoughts to be unearthed, e.g. about the relation between economic and political struggle, the relationship between industrial workers and the working poor, the role of agency and organisation. We will summarise the text for the meeting and present the main points for discussion.

The text can be accessed here:

We collated it as a printable file:

mike davis

Everyone welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!