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Scaffolding, Bibliographies, Archives and Radical Print

May 27, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm BST

Marx als Prometheus, 1843



Join us for an afternoon with Rab-Rab Press and Lost Property Press hosted by the MayDay Rooms Print Group. We will be discussing materialist approaches to print culture, reading and publishing internationalist and revolutionary documents and archives. Thinking though how print production has been the scaffolding of past movements and how revolutionary/political/underground publishing practices introduces completely new forms of organisation through printing, typography, design, distribution. As well as sharing explorations of bibliographies, shadow libraries, finding aids, print bugs and more. Each press will introduce their practices and some recent projects in the form of an exchange with the MayDay Rooms Print Group and we will see where the conversation will go from there.

Lunch from 1pm
Workshop from 2-4pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/scaffolding-bibliographies-archives-and-radical-print-tickets-634043520237


Lost Property Press has emerged over the past four years at the movement space Luna6 in Vilnius. The press is an attempt to support the production of “anti-books” by fostering communal, militant and mutinous research processes. Lost Property hopes to foster frank reflections on the struggles and contradictions faced when putting anti-models into practice – self-critically navigating experiences of enclosure, academic appropriation, projectification, labor exploitation and hierarchy in the neo-liberal social landscape our movements, books, and revolts enviably arise within, and hopefully, against. LPP was founded in 2022 by Noah Brehmer & Vaida Stepanovaitė.


Print is an informal group of researchers, designers, writers, editors and publishers meeting semi-regularly at May Day Rooms discussing and developing forms and formats for lateral rather than hierarchical connections between publications and presses; production as reproduction; exploring the matrices of publishing; commentary; document work; political movements; archiving and activating print and digital publications.


Rab-Rab Press is an independent publishing platform based in Helsinki, and is run by Sezgin Boynik. Rab-Rab’s editorial work and publications expose forgotten and marginalised histories and bring together the work of artists and leftist thinkers. They draw a line between free jazz and communism, zaum and revolution, punk and suprematism. Since 2014, Rab-Rab has published almost thirty titles, introducing the first English translation of Viktor Shklovsky’s children’s book on cinema, Russian Formalists writings on Lenin’s language, Karel Teige’s critique of the art market, Jacques Ranciere’s early analysis of Marx’s writings on the theft of the dead wood, Roman Jakobson’s futurology experiments, the uncensored transcript of Mao Zedong’s discussion with Red Guards, Slovenian Lacanians’ investigations of punk form, Ilya Zdanevich-Iliazd’s lectures on zaum, and Igor Terentiev’s inquiries on sound poetry, as well as presented first-hand documents of New York Art & Language group’s militant period, Peter Gidal’s unpublished manuscript, and introduced forgotten episodes of Archie Shepp in Finland, E. P. Thompson in Yugoslavia, and British experimental musicians in Albania. In 2023, new books by Jairus Banaji, Robert Linhart, and Larissa Reisner, and a new issue of the journal by Ultra-Red are forthcoming.




May 27, 2023
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm BST
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