May Day is normally the time we gather in person to make collective demands and celebrate the labour movement. From the fight for the eight-hour day to the movement for international solidarity, May Day has a radical history linking demands and action. This year we cannot physically assemble together but we can still take up public space. 

We are proposing a mass banner drop on Friday May 1st between 12pm-6pm. This is also the first day of the Antiuniversity Festival. We would like people to support by hanging a banner out their window, sticking a poster outside their house or even in the park stating their demand for working and living conditions. Please photograph / video your banner drop or message and use the hashtag #maydaydemands when posting on Twitter or Instagram.

The revolution is dead! – Long live the revolution!

Need help writing your demands? Check out the Partisan Social Club’s guide here and guide to banner making here

To keep a record of this action upload pictures your here:

The coronavirus pandemic has only made clearer the inequality so rife in modern Britain and the attack on living and working conditions through austerity, the hostile environment and wage suppression. At this time of crisis we must make clear our demands for the conditions everyone is entitled too. From the utopian to the concrete your demands matter now more than ever. Help make this May Day a memorable fight for a better future.

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