MDR Kitchen Forum

The kitchen at 88 Fleet Street was a space where all the people and groups in the building could sit and chat, organise, dance, discuss, and find comrades new and old. We’d like to try and recreate this space online.

This is a public forum called ‘MDR Kitchen’ where people can drop in and see if anyone is around. There will also be a schedule of conversations people can join at specific times, including themed conversations, readings groups and general catch-ups. Most will be informal affairs rather than structured events.

The period we are going through is very isolating, regardless of whether you live alone or with others. At the same time, we are bombarded with a huge amount of information, news, articles etc. and we don’t all have the capacity to take everything in. We envision this platform as a space where people can bring their thoughts, interesting articles they might have read, artworks that would like to take opinions on, and even new feelings and emotions born from the uncertainty we live in. 

It is important for us to make spaces, even if they are only virtual, where people can meet to make sense of what’s happening, and also think of ways to create the future we want through this crisis. The social changes have been rapid: some governments have ushered in new authoritarian laws, while others have simply failed to protect the poor and vulnerable. Unemployment has exploded, while some companies make billions out of new government contracts. Meanwhile many of us are organising new ways of living together in this time of need. What we can do from our houses is to keep an eye on those new policies and prepare the ways we’ll confront them once our lock down is over. The coronavirus crisis is more than a pandemic: it is a crisis inflicted by capitalism, and it is therefore a great opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles, political choices and organising, working conditions, while finding new ways to struggle together. All these can be the themes to discuss on this platform so if you have something to say join us in the kitchen. And if you want to schedule something please get in contact with us at in-formation@maydayrooms.org

This is an open space and we encourage people to use there webcams so we can all see each other.


April Schedule

9th April
Screening: Solidarity, 8pm
If you would like to attend this screening please RSVP to fani@maydayrooms.org. We will have a discussion in the Kitchen afterwards. The screening is free to attend but we will be collecting donations for Akwaaba, volunteer-run social centre for migrants in Hackney. Please donate here: https://www.givey.com/akwaabac19emergencyfund

29th April & 6th May
Group Reading: Last Days of Mankind, Final Performance

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