Pamphlet Series: Open Call


MayDay Rooms is launching a new pamphlet series. Now we are looking for content! In the first year we intend to publish a number of a pamphlets containing reproductions of documents from our archive alongside creative and critical responses. Each pamphlet will contain two or three contributions, chosen to compliment each other. We are looking for people to select material from the archive for reproduction, and then to produce essayistic or artistic responses that can be published in a pamphlet format, both in hard copy and as an ePub. These responses could be anything from manifestos to collages, from articles to comics.

For more information on how to apply click here

Call for submissions

MayDay Rooms is looking to commission an archival guide to accompany digital archiving project Leftovers. The aim of the guide is to help people explore, make links between and expand on areas of the online collection. We are very open to the form that this guide might take. They can be thematic, oblique, tangential, straight, myopic or expansive!

We are particularly interested in proposals that incorporate:
multimedia engagement; shows an interesting and dynamic approach to historical and archival research; proposes new ways of reading and navigating digitised material or links historical material in the online collection to current and future struggles.

For more information on how to apply click here 

Deadline for application is 7th May 

We will be having an open evening on 25th April between 6.30-8.30pm to give people who wish to apply a opportunity to look through our collections and work-in-progress digital archive and see what you might want to work with.

New accessions in the archive for January

We recently received a large collection (9 boxes) of eco-anarchist materials and publications from the 1990s and early 2000s. The collection comprises American and British Earth First magazines and newsletters, as well as runs of other radical environmental and anarchist publications, including Anarchy magazine, Green Anarchist, Black Clad Messenger, Subversion, alongside many other zines, occasional publications and ephemera. The collection documents actions from around the world that were influenced by the proliferation of eco-anarchist ideas, from the inspiration drawn from the Zapatistas in Chiapas, through to the anti-roads movement in the UK, and European summit-hopping at the turn of the millennium. We will be organising an event, in which we’ll start unpacking and organising these boxes in March. Watch this space!

We have received a collection of 1970s ephemera from Maurice Herson. This includes an extremely rare short run of the Newcastle alternative paper Muther Grumble from 1971-1972, alongside materials ranging from situationist pamphlets to peace movement publications.

Seth Wheeler has deposited two boxes of materials. Some of this collection is a personal collection of ephemera from social movements during the cycle of struggles from the late 1990s through the early 2000s. Other parts of the deposit are a wide-ranging collection of radical ephemera from the 1960s to the present, including some rare student newspapers from 1968 and lots of other fun stuff.

A number of people who were part of the 1999 UCL Occupation against the introduction of tuition fees are putting together an archive of materials from the time. They have recently deposited a number of Hi8 and minidisc recordings, and are building a paper archive too, which will eventually be housed at MayDay Rooms. You can find out more about the project here: https://ucpoundsweseepeople.wordpress.com/

Finally, we recently received approximately 100 issues of Searchlight Magazine – which reported on far right movements. The magazines run from the 1970s to the 2000s and include detailed reports of fascist and racist organisations and actions both in the UK and internationally, and anti-racist and anti-fascist responses. The collection includes issues from the whole period but is not complete, so we will be cataloguing it soon and will try to fill the gaps.