Pamphlet Series: Open Call


Calling all Comrades,

MayDay Rooms is launching a new pamphlet series. Now we are looking for content! In the first year we intend to publish a number of a pamphlets containing reproductions of documents from our archive alongside creative and critical responses. Each pamphlet will contain two or three contributions, chosen to compliment each other. We are looking for people to select material from the archive for reproduction, and then to produce essayistic or artistic responses that can be published in a pamphlet format, both in hard copy and as an ePub. These responses could be anything from manifestos to collages, from articles to comics.

Our archive collections contain histories of social movements, liberation, and resistance, from the 1960s to the present. much of this material remains unknown, and we are interested in bringing it to bear on contemporary political antagonisms. The aim of the pamphlet series is to experiment with new ways of presenting these histories to the public, while offering critical resources to our friends engaged in social struggles. We hope that the pamphlets will also offer an opportunity to interrogate the position of the archive in contemporary radical politics.

We are open to suggestions of work relating to any materials in the archive, but to get your militant synapses firing, here are a few topics that are covered in the documents we hold; radical education, feminism and Women’s Liberation, fighting the police and trolling corporations, the history of propaganda, spectacular interventions, rank and file organising, eco-activism, the tradition of the oppressed

Whatever you suggest we want it to be spiky, fierce, antagonistic, sensitive, and attempting to struggle against the present conditions.

What we’re looking for:

MayDay Rooms will commission six short pieces of work (3000-4000 words, or equivalent page length) that use the MDR archive as their starting point. The archival material selected can be a whole collection, or work across various collections, or just be a single item or even a fragment. The archival documents will be reproduced in the pamphlet alongside the new work within the pamphlet. These new works can be explicitly about these documents, or can move tangentially away from them or towards them.

We are interested in the proposals from individuals, groups or collective projects engaged in radical practices, either in relations producing printed material or in other formats: from comics/illustration, newpapers, posters, pamphlets, poetry to other forms of experimental publishing. We are looking to commission new work that is specifically related to our archival collections so will not be considering already complete work or works-in-progress. As always, we seek to make struggles from the past resonate with struggles of today and commissioned work will be equally antagonistic to the present condition.

Each new commission will need to be finished by middle of January and will be published from March 2020 throughout the year.

The final piece should contain:

  • The new work alongside something from the archive that can be republished (fragments of, or in it's entirety)
  • Suggested length between 2500- 4000 words (or equivalent page length)

How to apply:

Please send the following to in-formation@maydayrooms.org

  • Publication proposal up to 300 words
  • Links to any previous work that you think is relevant to your proposal. This doesn’t have to by professional work and we encourage people who have not been published before. Deadline: 2nd October 2019

We recommended that people visit the archive or look at our online collection (please email us if you would like access to this)


Commissions will be selected by the MDR Staff Collective along with a small advisory board. Selection will be made by mid October and the piece will need to be completed by mid-January. Your piece will sit along side other work and historical material. We may ask people to come and discuss their proposals this would be between 9th-11th October . This can also be done over the phone or video call.


Proposals are welcome from all sections of society, irrespective of nationality and residence, and including practitioners from different culturally diverse backgrounds. Proposals must be in English.

What you get from the commission:

  • £350 fee
  • Access to the archive and space to write (if needed) at MDR, although not permenant desk space
  • Pamphlet published by MDR and distributed widely in bookshops.
  • Work with designers to input into the layout of the pamphlet
  • Open-Access version online in epub and pdf format
  • Copy-left pamphlets
  • Pamphlet launch event in 2020