Activist Media Project

AMP is an archive of activist media in video, photograph and written form. It is also an online platform where media can be stored, annotated, sorted and re-presented to support social and environmental justice movements.

The objective of AMP is to preserve activist media and facilitate different processes for individuals and groups to collaborate on: (1) shared readings of histories, (2) ongoing and future campaigns, and (3) providing support of core participants in the Undercover Policing Inquiry.

AMP’s online home is here and its physical base is the MayDay Rooms.
It is supported by spc and staffed by a coordinator.

The initiatives and work of AMP would not be possible without the work of volunteers, be they individuals, campaigning groups or NGOs. The participating groups shape the activities and focus of AMP. The MayDay Rooms provide advice, guidance and facilities for long-term storage of archival materials. AMP is not a live-streaming service; it does not host raw materials which can be used to incriminate activists. AMP is a Copyleft project. If you have materials to donate or would like to be involved in working on AMP, please get in touch at: amp@spc.org

You can find a some great how-to-guides from friends who are using the same software below.

basics: https://wiki.pad.ma/wiki/PictorialHowTo
upload materials: https://wiki.pad.ma/wiki/UploadPadma
making annotations: https://wiki.pad.ma/wiki/manualAnnots

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