Public Statement

Dear Comrades,

Between 10th and 12th November somebody stole a brand new projector and soundbar from the MayDay Rooms reading room. The equipment had just been donated by the IWW so that we have an extra room told host screenings. Stealing stuff from social spaces sabotages our movement! We believe in “everything for everyone”, but while we don’t yet have everything we do make the small resources that we have into a common wealth for all of us to use to change the world. We are not a rich organisation – we operate with a deficit every year, and rely on small donations and grants to keep running, and it is not easy for us to replace stolen equipment. We also do our best to keep our doors open to everyone, and rely on trust and solidarity instead of hard security. Acts like this affect ours and the building users’ trust and safety. If you took the projector and soundbar, please consider returning it to us. Or if you want to help by donating to us so it can be replaced that would also be greatly appreciated.

MayDay Rooms

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