Rent Strikes Archive!

With London Renters Unions Library

Take over the City Archive Session
28th July 2020, 7-9pm

As part of our archive log series we have teamed up with London Renters Union Library to create a collection of materials around rent strikes to help support LRU’s current campaign Can’t Pay Won’t Pay. To build this collection we will running an online archival session where people can look through bits of the archive, read and discuss how rent strike of the past can help inform contemporary housing struggles, take clippings and help write collective annotations to accompany the material. Using collective FLOSS tools such as Hot Glue and Etherpads we will be experiment with how we can co-create material online together.

The archival pieces in the collection and annotations will then be created into a scrapbook and send out as our archive log mailout. The collection will be ultimately housed on our digital archive platform leftove.rs as well as become part of the LRU Library.

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