Risograph at MDR

The risograph group at MayDay Rooms will be running monthy workshops, on the second Sunday of every month.

The workshop facilitates printing for groups or campaigns aligned or allied with May Day Rooms who otherwise do not have the resources to pay for print.

Risograph works in a similar way to screen-printing, laying down each colour at a time, unlike digital printing which uses a mixture of 4 colours, black, magenta, yellow and cyan to produce 'full colour images'.

This means that Risograph prints best if you have set up your artwork accordingly. Below are some useful print guides that explain how to get the best out of your design.




If this all seems too much, we can also assist with artwork preparation, just email before hand and let us know what you have already and what you are trying to make.

The current available colours are:




Fluorescent orange


The costs charged for prints are broken down as follows:

£1 per master

2p per printed side

This means it is much more cost effective to print more copies. 1 page = £1.02 or 100 pages (the same image) =£3

There is a selection of basic papers available, if you have a particular paper you wish to print on, contact before hand -- certain stocks will not hold the ink and the print will rub off.

To attend the riso workshop please email riso [AT] maydayrooms.org with a brief outline of your project and if possible, an example of your artwork.