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MayDay Rooms' screening and meeting rooms on the 1st floor is available to book on a sliding-scale charge. Income will serve to (i) cover the cost of room maintenance (ii) support urgent ‘no-money’ use by smaller, self-organised groups and (iii) support MDR's ongoing activities.

If you are interested in making a booking, please complete and submit the form below. nb. Your request should be with us at least two to three weeks in advance of the proposed date and time of your event, as it will be tabled at fortnightly meetings of MDR's Building Collective and a response sent soon after.

Sliding-scale charges

1) Solidarity (no charge) – for smaller self-organised groups, students, workers and/or those linked to MDR's ongoing commitments or working in a mutually supportive capacity.

2) Subsidised (£25-40 less than 3 hours, £50-£75 3 hours +) For groups with an amount of core funding or income that puts them in a position to contribute.

3) Standard (£200 1-3 hours, £500 Full Day) Standard rate for larger organisations, institutions and funded groups.

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    NOTE: All meetings/gatherings will be listed on the MDR Calendar with a brief sentence description unless otherwise stated.