Friend of MayDay Rooms

Dear Friends and Supporters.

You know about MayDay Rooms. You know we hold a vast archive of social movement, experimental and marginal cultures histories. You know this is free for anyone interested to visit. You know we put on events throughout the year to publicise and activate these materials, so we can get new people finding out about our collective histories. And you know we have meeting space available throughout the week in central London – which is free/subsidised for social movements.

But what you may not know is how we manage to finance all this in a building in the middle of London.

A large part of our finances comes from a yearly grant, for which we are hugely thankful for. But it by no means covers all our costs. For the rest we rely on donations. And as costs get higher, we need to raise more and more, just to stand still – let alone try and expand what we do to make the archives more known about and accessible.

We have a number of supporters who give a regular monthly donation (via a standing order) which keeps us afloat. We call this our “Friends Scheme”. But we are now having to think about our future funding and are putting a call out to all our supporters, friends and their friends, asking if others could also support us via our Friends Scheme.

We know times are hard for some of us, so any support is hugely appreciated. Presently people give between £5 and £100 a month, and we are looking to increase by quite a bit the number of people who can support MayDay Rooms.

If you are skint, then please keep your money – you need it more than we do, and we can close our deficit in other ways. But if you can help, we would love it if you would.

We have both a Donor Box and Patreon account where we can take donations and there are links to both below. We have highlighted amounts you could pay, but please feel free to donate whatever you can. But, if it is a monthly regular donation it helps us a lot and means we can plan for the longer term much better.

Donate via Donorbox here:


Donate via Patreon here:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss donations, please email in-formation@maydayrooms.org

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