Archive of the Month: Class War

Incoming… this month we transported a huge treasure trove of material related to the UK anarchist group Class War. ‘Class War glorified everything that the dominant 1980s political culture – Thatcherism – condemned: working class solidarity, anti-market-communism, and violent hatred for the rich‘ — from Benjamin Franks & Phillip Stott, ‘Class War’, The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest (2009). The collection contains posters, newspapers, internal bulletins, internal correspondence and correspondence with French and Italian militant groups as well as a wide range of materials related to left and libertarian political movements and militant anti-fascism. This material has come to us from Glyn Harries a member of Class War and Hackney Solidarity Group. The material will form the basis of our paper archive of a Class War collection at MayDay Rooms. We are in correspondence with others involved in the group and hope to build on this with a digitisation project around the group and its milieu in the future.

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