Archive of the Month: Deaf Histories

Our friend and close collaborator Georgia Anderson has been creating a growing collection around Deaf histories.
The archive is currently a small collection of books about d/Deaf histories, available for anyone to come and use at MayDay Rooms. It includes books by both Deaf and hearing authors, as well as a BSL workbook from 1988 by late BSL Poet Dot Miles.  The purpose of the collection is to:

Encourage more d/Deaf involvement at MayDay Rooms

Deaf awareness for hearing people

Provide space for d/Deaf political organising

Provide space for learning and conversation between d/Deaf and hearing

It hopes to be the starting point for engagement with the issue of accessing education and information if your access need is for visual communication (BSL), not text. The d/Deaf and disabled movement asks for allyship through improved access and inclusion.

Links to British Deaf Visual archive:
British Deaf documentary series’, looking to gain access and screen in the future:
Listening Eye – BBC  series 1980s
Deaf Century – Channel 4, 1990s

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