Archive of the Month: Gay Flames: A Bulletin of the Homofire Movement

Gay Flames was set up by members of the Gay Liberation Front (although it did not represent the GLF) as a gay community newsletter in New York City to let the people know what was going on in the movement. It was a revolutionary publication stating:

‘We are gay and this society oppresses us for that reason. We feel that the only way we can become liberated is through revolution. The revolution we seek is not to replace one bureaucratic monster with another, but to give all power to the people and gay power to the gay people. Gay Flames will serve the gay community of NYC by letting you know the truth of what’s happening: truth you can’t get in the Times, News, Post, or even in Gay.’

You can find issues 1-13 of this fiery publication in our digital collection on Leftovers:

‘Today gay flames do not come from the matches of the church, the state, or the capitalistic businessmen. We are burning from within and our flames will light the path of our liberation.
Issue 1 Sept 1970

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