Archive of the Month: Os Cangaceiros

Named after Brazilian outlaws of the late 19th century, Os Cangaceiros developed a praxis of illegalism, prisoner support, abolitionism, sabotage and social commentary covering the violent responses to the industrial and social restructuring taking hold in the 1980s in France and elsewhere.

Provided with scans of the group’s three journal issues from our friends at Archives Autonomies, https://www.archivesautonomies.org/ we have assembled these together with recent English translations by Wolfi Landstreicher published by Eberhardt Press. Os Cangaceiros journal provides a combination of fierce social criticism, historical research, analysis of struggles and gallows humour, each issue of the journal contains an annexe collating flyers for interventions and actions by the group and related news clippings. 

You can find more material here

from Os Cangaceiros, No.2 ‘Brick Keeps Britain Beautiful’, (Os Cangaceiros commentary on the UK Miners Strike)

https://archive.leftove.rs/documents/AGRL/ from ‘Freedom is the Crime That Contains All Crimes’

‘They Want to Kill Us’, banner raised on the roof during the prisoners revolt at Bois d’Arcy May, 1985Os Cangaceiros, No.2 1985 

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