Archive of the Month: THE BLACK PANTHER (1967-1980)

Newspaper of the Black Panther Party

Find the collection here

In solidarity with all those fighting police oppression and racial injustice we want to make available over 400 digital copies of ‘The Black Panther’, the newspaper of the Black Panther Party. The scans come from a torrent file doing the rounds online, although we downloaded it we had never done the work of sorting, OCR-ing and processing it. Now seemed like the right time! The papers cover everything from campaigns against the incarceration and murder of many of the Panthers, Attica prison uprising, the BPP breakfast and education programs, documents of many international revolutions that inspired Black struggles across the United States, and much more.

Thanks to our comrades at Memory of the World for supplying some of the metadata and thanks for the anonymous torrent file of the scans for making this all available!

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