Archive of the Month: Race Today (1973 – 1988)

Find the collection here

We have recently digitised our set of Race Today Journals covering the early period of the publication (1973-1979). Race Today was established in 1969 by the Institute of Race Relations. From 1973 onward, the monthly magazine was under the direction of a breakaway organisation, the Brixton-based Race Today Collective. This body aimed for a political rather than scholarly approach, based on a combination of libertarian Marxism and radical anti-racism, Race Today not only covered, but closely supported emerging radical social movements around work, anti-racism and housing, emphasising the interconnection of these struggles

Thanks to Stephen Foose for his work digitising this material.

Great descriptions of Race Today from George Padmore Institute here and Novara Media here. Also look out for the forthcoming Pluto Press Anthology published in collaboration with member of the Race Today collective.

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