Collection of the Month: Palestinian Solidarity Posters:

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been archiving a donation of Palestinian Liberation Posters from 1980 to 2005. They include posters from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), Victory by artist Burhan Karkutli, materials from the Women in Black conference, Women Resist Occupation and War in Jerusalem, and even a poem by Samih al-Qasim titled Conversation between an Ear of Corn and a Jerusalem Rose Thorn, illustrated by Ralph Steadman.

This small collection showcases the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people against occupation and apartheid. Mayday Rooms stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and our space and resources are open to those organising towards ending the occupation. If you would like to print flyers or organise a meeting get in touch at in-formation@maydayrooms.org

Ceasefire now
End the siege of Gaza

Freedom for Palestine 🇵🇸

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