MayDay Rooms is Hiring!

MayDay Rooms is looking for an Archive Public Engagement Coordinator to join our staff collective to help us build diversity within the archive, both in terms of the materials we hold, and engaging people and groups with these materials. We are looking for someone who is engaged in political movements, imaginative, and who will take initiative to pull our collective work in new directions. The successful candidate will possess a good knowledge of left social and political histories in the UK. You will bring ideas to our organisation about how we can connect with new audiences, both taking our work into the community and bringing communities into our building. You will be prepared to develop and manage programmes and projects for public engagement, which bring together materials of past struggles with groups who are organising in the present.

The deadline for applications is 11pm Tuesday 22nd June 2021.

We encourage applications from BAME/PoC and/or LGBTQI+ candidates.

For a full job description and instructions on how to apply please follow the link here: http://maydayrooms.org/jobs and if you have further questions please contact in-formation@maydayrooms.orgPlease share widely in your networks!

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