MDR publications are now available PM Press UK

Camera Forward! is the first title in the MayDay Rooms Pamphlet Series, which brings together reproductions of documents from radical history while offering a space for extended engagement and critical reflections on their contemporary relevance. Each pamphlet contains newly created content – including essays, poems, and illustrations – set alongside reproductions of materials to which they are responding. You can purchase copies of Camera Forward! through MayDay Rooms and selected bookshops around the country or via PM Press UK website.

Pandemic Notes Workbook is a small contribution to recording some organised responses by workers and different communities to the Covid19 pandemic. It also socialises snapshots of the varied emotions people have been experiencing during this health crisis, which were gathered through contributions we received to an online Pandemic Notes survey. You can pick up Pandemic Notes for free at MayDay Rooms, 56a Infoshop and selected bookshops around the country, via PM Press UK, or by downloading it online here

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