Pandemic Notes Workshops and Workbook

Thanks to everyone that sent audio and written contributions to Pandemic Notes. We have now collected over 30 contributions and given that a second lockdown is coming we are inviting you to send more!

As many of you wondered what we would do with all these contributions here’s what we’ve been plotting the last few months. We are working on a practical workbook synthesising the answers we have received to the Pandemic Notes survey with input from activists and researchers that are looking into the dominant themes that appeared in the contributions. We are hoping to create a future resource, which will look into the different responses of communities and workers during the pandemic, as well as giving voice to the emotions and fears people are facing, thinking through our political organising during and after the pandemic. We are working closely with members of groups and organisations that have been in the forefront of organising since the health crisis started, collecting their experiences and thoughts. Keep an eye on our newsletter for the workbook and its launch in 2021!

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