Some photographs that I was not able to take’, Red Notes, 1982

 This is a historic epistolary pamphlet based upon a journey to Italy and the Middle East undertaken in 1982 by a close collaborator of the political collectives Midnight Notes, Big Flame and East London Big Flame:

With the 21 letters that follow, I keep a promise. During a 6-week journey that took me to Rome, Cairo, and then by sea and over land, through Jordan, Syria and Palestine, I wrote a letter a day to friends and comrades around the world. In order to share the experience with them.

I kept a copy of each letter sent. I promised everyone who received one of the original letters that they would also receive copies of all the others, so as to complete the story. Printed, and with the addition of some photographs. A few letters – the more personal ones – are not included. But for the rest, here they are.

I hope that these letters are as much a pleasure for you to read, as they were for me to write. And I hope that you too will one day find the opportunity to travel in these parts.

You can read the full document here

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