Stuart Christie Obituary

We were also very sorry to learn of the death of Stuart Christie, who deposited a collection of books to our archive two years ago. Stuart was a giant of British anarchism: not only an insurrectionary, but a writer, publisher, researcher, and archivist. He was always intent to turn the products of struggle into resources to strengthen the movement. While he was best known in the public eye for his run-ins with the law, he established organisations such as the ABC and Cienfuegos Press, he also maintained an anarchist film archive, as well as writing extensively on the history of Spanish anarchism. Jessica Thorne, who catalogued the books he deposited at MayDay Rooms, has written a tribute to him, which can be found here: https://maydayrooms.org/stuart-christie-obituaries/ alongside John Barker’s reflection on Stuart. He will be sorely missed. We send solidarity and best wishes to all of his comrades.

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