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MayDay Rooms is an archive, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories.

We are open: Wednesday–Friday, 11–6pm

Please contact us to book an archival appointment:
in-formation [AT] maydayrooms.org

Find us at:

88 Fleet Street

Tel: 0203 930 9297

Using the Space

We offer free organising and event space  for unfunded activist and self-organised education groups, and we ask those who can afford to make a donation on a sliding scale to support the space.

The space is bookable from Monday-Friday and sometimes at the weekend.


Help us keep going

Join the MDR’s Friends scheme to help us sustain our archive as a resource for movements today, to continue to programme events and outreach around our collections, and provide meeting spaces, all free of cost.


Upcoming & Recent Events

April 25 @ 7:00 pm

Rolling our own!  Feminist Magazines and Women’s Liberation with Liberating Histories

From Spare Rib to Red Rag to Shocking Pink, activist periodicals of the 1970s-80s powered, connected and sustained the UK Women’s Liberation Movement. As the socialist-feminist magazine Scarlet Women put […]

April 23 @ 6:30 pm

Archival film night! 1970s childcare activism in London and NYC

Assembling together a variety of short documentary films from the 1970s, this event will highlight the often overlooked politics of and experiments with collective childcare historically and what reflections or […]

April 22 @ 7:00 pm

Exarcheia Anti-Gentrification Timeline Launch

Join us for the launch of the Exarcheia Anti-Gentrification Timeline – a project aimed at  mapping anti-gentrification struggles that have happened in Exarcheia over the last three years. Recently, gentrification […]

April 19 @ 7:00 pm

HARRAGA! Archiving the experiences of small-boat migration across the Mediterranean and the English Channel

A talk by Ed Emery [Red Notes / SOAS] The decade-long experience of small-boat migration across the Mediterranean is known in North Africa as “harraga” – the burning of one’s […]

April 21 @ 12:00 pm

Archive Filmmaking Workshop | MayDay Rooms x  Other Cinemas 

    Join us over two sessions for a hands-on archival filmmaking workshop exploring the role and place of (institutional and community) archives in storytelling and how we can respond to […]

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