MayDay Rooms is an active repository, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories.

Ongoing Projects


London Housing Struggles Archive

The London Housing Struggles Archive is a collection of materials related to housing campaigns, squatting and rent strikes. The housing campaigns’ boxes are covering struggles from two different time periods, one spreading from 1975 to 1991 and the other starting around 2010 and reaching the present.

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MDR Residency Program 2017-2018

MayDay Rooms organises 6-month residency program of projects that creatively contribute to our collections and the practice of archival ‘activation', which guides the organisation. At MDR we aim to create dynamic situations – not to sit passively on archival holdings. A commitment to linking historical material to contemporary social struggles guides our archival practices: how we collect, exhibit, and disseminate material. These residencies seek to create a space to engage with practice-led archival research that experiments with new models of 'activation' and helps us to develop our own.

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MayDay Rooms' Events


Radical History in One Street: Sedition in Fleet Street from Paine to Pankhurst

Wednesday 18th July, 7-8pm.

Join us for a walking tour that explores the radical history of the neighborhood around 88 Fleet Street. From the Bridewell Prison, to The Rights of Mann and Sylvia Pankhurst, this tour will reveal the sites of resistance which are now the arteries of global finance capital.

Housing Struggles Archive Launch Party
Thursday 19th July, 7-9pm

This month we will be launching our Housing Struggles Archive! After a year of collecting printed and digital materials from housing campaigns all over London, we are now ready to show you what we have found. We will be discussing the importance of archival material for future of housing campaigns and how we can further build this resource, with members from the Radical Housing Network, Southwark Notes, and housing campaigns from South London. There will be drink and archival perusing from 7pm, see you there! 



Scanathon: Women's Liberation Movement

Thursday 25th July, 7-9pm

Come and delve through our new collection for dissenting ephemera from the Women's Liberation Movements of the 1970s. During this workshop we will be cataloguing and scanning material from Red Rag, Shrew, Working Women's Charter and a whole load of militant graphics!